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This is where I share those glorious cosmic ideas.  Yes, I want to shift, shape and re-create this world... with you!  Why?  I have many beautiful thoughts to help humanity shift gears into the heart and connect with one another.

Cuz, what's the point of all this technology if we don't have the simple "hutzpah" to use it.  We are in a time similar to what Einstein experienced.  We can either use our growing awareness to connect One with the other or drop bombs. 

So... Jump on board this Waking Life and co create just by believing thanks to that good ol quantum physics,

And we will shine our light into tomorrow land. 

liquid gold
alright, heres my vision.  take gold (yes actual gold) liquify it and turn it into an energy drink like yerba mate or monster (but better ;) 
i found monoatomic gold (also known as ormus) at whole foods and upon taking it was the most aware and energized i've been and i want to share this Joy with everyone



What Is



lo t us.png
lo t us.png

i have connected with 


and other distributors

to supply the monoatomic gold

and to bottle/source the entire drink line with no limit and know a manager to get the drink in Health Food stores along the west coast, gas stations and even that good ol' walmart/target vibe

aka everywhere

I sold Kombucha in San Diego when it was just becoming big and now it is literally everywhere nationwide (and beyond) because of its healing, uplifting qualities.  Yerba Mate is drunk by most people on the west coast and is used instead of energy drinks.  This is what I want this liquid gold to be.  an alternative to energy drinks that gets you more amped, but is lasting, with no crash, and scientifically proven to heal your body, brain, and even give the experience of spirit/soul if that is what you want.  many are already aware of this substance as being the most healing supplement to take and I want to spread the Joy!

besides the fact that ormus is the strongest healing supplement i have used and instantly engages me to a level of being in which i feel whole and i want to share this with the world so everyone can live their fullest Highest potential

which I believe will lead to greater compassion love and willingness to love another as our self because it gifts self love

I have travelled to the garbage dumps in the Philippines, Thailand, and mexico and gave out as much food/shelter as I could. we built an orphanage and drove a school bus to Nicaragua and built land to help locals

Honestly, this is why I am pursuing this. 

I want to give 50% of the profits

(like tom Shoes one for one vision) to help the homeless.  Being in San Diego I want to build and serve here 


Build orphanages where needed world wide

How? Why?


Angel  Donors 



Does this get that heart of yours pumping.  Well you are in luck.  All the gears are set.  Products are available, distributors are ready, and stores are set.

All that's needed now is that good ol' investment.  If this sounds like a vision you want to join on I believe it has a potential to become the next trend just like Yerba Mate.  In fact I'd like to make one version with Mate and ... gold.  I mean who doesn't want to be sipping on Gold!?  Between that and Monster energy who do you think will win?  (spoiler alert... Sparkling Gold with Vitamin B, Ginko Biloba, etc.)

The potentials are endless.  I personally enjoy just the Ormus in water which I think would be popular enough once it becomes known much like Kombucha did.  What happened was friends told friends about this new, healing alternative and now there's Kombucha Bars.  I believe San Diego and the whole west coast will pick up on this gold alternative.  It is already widely spoken about in the "Health Circles" and whoever I tell is intrigued.  And even better when it is tried it gives instant boost and actually studies even shows it heals and grows new RNA!


Then... once the gold rush hits we can create ever new lines with the latest brain enhancement with the latest nootropics such as Adrafanil, Phenibut, etc.

So... if you want to invest email me at and we can connect


Then last but not least is the greatest reason why I am pursuing this.  Yes the physical healing is great and I'm happy to gift others with this but I truly do want to love the world.  Having been in the garbage dumps and seeing the love in these people I want to serve them with 50% of a profit from the company.  


My friends and I already have a non profit which has a prayer room in the red light district of Tijuana, and a healing community on an Island in Nicaragua.  Now we are building transitional housing for the trafficked woman and kids that want healing on the Big Island of Hawaii.  If you are excited about spreading the light but don't have the financial ability feel free to join us in being love to these ones.  They are amazing, and most just need to be heard and connected with.  Or join/support us out in Hawaii.  We are building an amazing community in Pahoa.  Connect with us at and feel free to donate there as well if you want to spread some seed.

However we manifest I'm just happy to be with the...




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